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Many Vietnamese women are turning to foreign husbands because of the traditional expectations placed on them in their home country. In Vietnamese culture, women are expected to be obedient, submissive wives and care for the household. This pressure often leads these women to seek more fulfilling relationships with foreign men who may offer them more equality and freedom in a relationship. However, there are also concerns about the wellbeing of these vietnamese brides after marriage. Some face language barriers, cultural differences, and even abuse from their husbands. There have been cases of Vietnamese women being sold or kidnapped into forced marriages in China.
Several NGOs and government organizations have stepped in to offer support and protection for these immigrant brides. It is important for both potential brides and grooms to be educated and aware of the potential challenges in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.


Effective work. Focus on effciency. Long term development

Since 1988 Phuong Dong has continuously expanded and grown to meet the needs and demands of its clients.

1988 – Our first factory was constructed, located in Ho Chi Minh City, and employed over 1,600 employees.
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2004 – Phuong Dong began producing and exporting garments directly to Europe superleagueformula.net on an FOB (free on board) basis. Key products are sportswear, performance waterproof wear. Technical manufacturing theprintroomkl.com capabilities in this factory includeclothing (seam sealed) and casual lasercutting, welding, bonding, and seamless (line bonding).

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2016 – Our 2nd factory located in Cai Lay District, Tien Giang province
extended our qqcuanslot.net export capabilities to include the EU customers  as well as the USA. This factory produces fleece products and backpacks.

2019 – Our newest additional factory, 3rd one in the Cho Gao District, slottaiwan.id Tien Giang province is about 30 minutes drive relagleasondesign.com from our 2nd factory. Main products we focus on are backpacks and fleece jackets/ pants.

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“Maintain our reputation in garment industry as well as becoming top 5 in term of scale and top 1 in bags/backpacks producer in Vietnam”


“To reach a high competitive enterprise as well as bring benefits to not only customers but also company and employees.”

Services and Capabilites

Planning Dept And Showroom

We propose materials, trims, including sourcing and cost estimates and material purchasing. As well as handling shipping and logistics.

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Sample and Technical room

We develop including pattern making and samples. And propose technical solutions, grading size if required.

Cutting and Sewing

We set up production process from cutting, molding, sewing, embroidery and packing.

Warehouse and Packaging

We organize and separate materials and trims in order at the same place. We place finish goods in cartons carefully on pallet by pallet.

We work with leading buyers/ customers in garments

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